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Comparison of Video Recording on iPhone 11 and Using Zoom on MacBook Pro

We want to record classes for students to watch when it a good time for them, this is such a great option for our students and helps us to build followers and memberships . It is easy to record our live Zoom classes and use the Zoom app to record directly onto our laptops, but the quality is not great. Zoom is designed for meetings, so it does not do well in details or movement. If you have an iPhone or another new smart phone with a good camera you can use that instead or as well. For this test I had my iPhone 11 in a tripod just behind my laptop. I recorded the Zoom in HD directly to my hard drive (not the cloud). I used a Rode Wireless Go mic attached to the iPhone for the audio. I will let you decide which is better for you, feel free to reach out to ask me any questions. Join my facebook group for tests and conversations about teaching online.

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